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Leaving Sparrows Point, Md
Arrived at Holiday Harbor Marina, NJ
Settled in at slip F-15

My wife and I bought our first boat, a 1987 Carver Santego 2767 in the spring of 2011. We wanted something big enough to weekend on, small enough to learn on and cheap enough to not go broke on. We did a good deal of research and ended up with the beauty above. We could not have known then what a great choice we made!

We live in Bucks County, PA and are very close to the Delaware River. We also have always loved the Jersey shore so this gave us a few places at which to ply our new hobby. We found our Carver, then the "Rebecca Ann" in Sparrows Point, MD on the Upper Chesapeake Bay...about a 2.5 hour drive from us. After the usual inspections and back and forths, we made her ours and planned for the trip to our area.

We thought it would be best to bring her up the Delaware River first and slip her close to home to get used to her and otherwise 'make her ours' and so we contacted a friend of a friend who has been boating for quite a few years and also knows the Upper Chesapeake, C&D Canal and the Delaware River. Frank gladly agreed to help us get her to her new home. The plan was to get under way by 6 AM on the following Saturday, giving us as much time as possible since none of us knew this boat, and also to take advantage of favorable tides for our 170 mile trek.

We got underway a little after 6 on a foggy and fairly windy morning and, after leaving the protection of the marina down there, found quite a bit of chop. The bimini top, which had been slightly torn in a storm 3 nights previous, now decided to tear away almost completely. I had my wife, definitely a land lubber, take the helm while Frank and I wrestled with and finally secured the top. The water remained rough through that whole first part of the trip but our Carver handled and ran beautifully and, while we could only make 5-7 MPH...we were having us an adventure!! My wife's job now was to point out each of the thousands of crab pots along the way. She needed a job to keep her life from flashing before her eyes, anyway!

Once we got to the upper Upper Chesapeake and neared the C&D canal, the water flattened out considerably and for the rest of the trip we would make about 28 MPH. Now we're having fun!!

We got to the Neshaminy State Marina around 3:30 PM where we had arranged for a slip on a weekly basis with the intention of eventually getting her to the Jersey shore for at least the rest of the season. We spent a few weeks at Neshaminy and after we had everything ready, made our plans to get her to Barnegat Bay, NJ, which is one of the closest shore points to our house.

There was quite a bit to do in those few weeks including the countless things that cropped up unexpectedly but finally, around the end of June, all the stars lined up correctly and pointed to a particular Friday as the day for the 'big' trip. This 160+ mile trip would entail taking our Carver, now the "Water Way to Go!", back down the Delaware River, through the Delaware Bay and the Cape May harbor, then through the Cape May Inlet to run outside up the Jersey coast to the Barnegat Light area, where we had tentative arrangements for a slip at the Holiday Harbor Marina in Waretown, NJ.

My brother accompanied me on this trip. It worked out perfectly as he happened to be on vacation that week. Weather-wise, we could not have picked a more perfect day for the trip and all the little (and some big) maintenance things that needed to get done all happened to get wrapped up the day before so, as I said earlier, the stars were definitely in alignment for us! I think we pleased the gods with how well we handled the Chesapeake Bay trip, too, because they gave us nothing but sunshine, smooth water and a flawlessly performing craft for this trip. They even gave us a pod of dolphins to run in circles with off the shore of Stone Harbor, NJ!

That's it for our exciting intro to boating. The rest of the summer was nice, although the weather definitely was not as nice after we got to the shore as it was before! We are looking forward to this spring when we can start our first entire boating season at the Jersey shore.

Thank you for reading our webpage...we hope you enjoy it!

Happy and Safe Boating,
Steve and Loretta

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